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Fanny Garnichat is a collage and set designer artist living and working in Paris. From fashion magazines to large-scale flyers, she cuts to sort through images that saturate and invade our lives. For Fanny, collage is a frank choice that divides the image between what we keep and what we choose to separate. From the smoothed bodies of advertising to the shiny meats of large-scale catalogues, each image has a plastic interest the she seeks to capture. Collage allows her to communicate between the antagonistic universes in order to make them resonate on common subjects.

Fanny’s collage approach questions the ambiguity of certain images. She plays with the boundaries of notions such as poetics and monstrous, sensual and disgusting, abundance and space... To stop on details, cut-outs and switch the imagination from one world to another. A dialogue is born from fragments of images released from their context thus confusing real and figurative.


Fanny Garnichat