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Fabio Scaglione is an artist born in Italy in 1994. After experimenting with several arts and disciplines, he moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he immersed himself in the world of animation. Today, he works on 3D Motion Design and VFX, with a particular focus on the simulation of physics.

His main sources of inspiration are surrealism, metaphysics and futurism, as well as the practice of spiritual disciplines and the observation of reality itself. He is also interested in understanding human dynamics and behaviours, defining the boundary between the material and spiritual dimensions of humanity, and our connection to nature. His works of art seek to raise awareness on these issues and encourage debate. In 2019, he produced a first short film entitled “My Kingdom Come”, which addresses the issue of the effects of the digital age on our generation. In addition to his studies and freelance work, Fabio keeps on exploring new techniques and find new ways of communicating through the animation media that, according to him, have the unique power to realize the impossible and to transmit complex ideas through the illusion of time in motion.


Fabio Scaglione