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Sidharth Ezhilan (aka EZZYLAND) is a self-taught artist who delivers vibrant stories from another world. His work includes alien music ; a radio station full of unique auditory grooves mixing alternative electronic music, hiphop and rnb. He alone manages the production of his sounds, mixing, mastering, writing, singing, but also the graphics, motion design and video editing of the station.

EZZYLAND’s compositions are inspired by hallucinations that he sometimes has when he is sleep-deprived, and he also works with a method called surreal automation. This method helps him lose the control of his mind and let his subconscious do what he wants. It is only after this kind of catharsis that he takes the piece produced and refines it until it reaches its final form. Born with the only need to overcome his anxious episodes, his art thus freezes trying moments of human existence. Often vibrant and detailed, with unusual textures of familiar objects, his pieces are meant to distract attention from the indifference of the four walls of society. This amazing artist is also inspired by the world of science fiction, space exploration and technology.



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