Erica Anderson is an American artist of Belgian origin who seeks to make art in motion. She started making GIFs in 2012, and quickly challenged herself to create only in digital format. A successful bet for her since 2016, she produces every day a brand new GIF, that is to say a short animation that goes back and forth. Her GIFs must be seen as moving paintings, and generally consist of visual representations of the music she listens to when she creates them. Her art is therefore connected in some way to a form of animated abstract expressionism.

Her main sources of inspiration are the works of abstract painters such as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Makoto Fujimura. Erica also grew up watching films like Tron and 2001: Space Odyssey, which strongly influenced her work. As for her training, she holds a BFA in animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design (2012) and her main creative tool is Adobe After Effects. She has previously worked for renowned clients such as Jai Wolf, Manila Killa, MYRNE, Madeon, Tesseract, Lionsgate, EIZO, Liquid+Arcade and MIT.


Erica Anderson

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