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Eric Anton is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles, specialized in motion design and 3D loop animations. Eric is dedicated to the unique challenges and opportunities of motion design, and seeks to create content that delights and engages viewers. Anton has worked as a Graphic Designer professionally since 2010, but it was not until 2017 that he began to focus specifically on 3D motion graphics. This change was born of a feeling of creative dissatisfaction, which prompted the artist to actively seek a new medium to experiment outside of his usual work for his clients. That’s when he fell in love with 3D design and graphic animation.

The world of 3D design caught my eye because I’m drawn to its creative and technical aspects, and I feel more inspired to learn a new way of expressing myself. So I try to integrate learning as a central element of my work. My design process involves a lot of experimentation and iteration. It usually starts with a little idea of something I’d like to try, or a technique I’d like to learn, and then I build a scene around it. »


Eric Anton

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