Ellie Pritts (she/they) is a renowned transmedia artist exploring reinterpreted nostalgia via recursive analog and digital processes. Pritts offers unique and mind-expanding experiences through her work, inviting viewers to explore her immersive, other-worldly realm.

Oscillating between her taste for the texture of film and the clarity of the digital process, Pritts creates a way to share—quite literally—how she perceives the world. Having synesthesia, a condition where she experiences one sense through another, Pritts’s life and work are shaped by the colours of sounds, the sound of people, and the colour of words. Acutely aware of her environment and how she uniquely experiences it, Pritts brings to life a visuality of conscious mind expansion. Her (new) “old school” tools enable her to revive the visual language and culture of the fin-de-siècle.


Ellie Pritts

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