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Eisuke Ikeda is a self-taught artist based in Kyoto and Osaka. Although he has mostly made videos for years, today he mainly creates digital art, and still produces his works in unique conditions. Indeed, unlike conventional paintings, digital artwork is supported by digital devices such as monitors or smartphones, and as a result, proofreading environments and the size of works are constantly changing. In addition, he actively integrates chance when creating his works.

The most unique characteristic of his work style is that his past works often serve as a medium for future works. He believes that there are many cases in which artists must not simply repeat themselves or produce reproductions, but rather actively rethink their work. For example, Eisuke has already reimagined his own works from four or five years ago with new perspectives or new sensibilities, thus producing something entirely different. He perceives this as a form of "self-proclaimed art", a style that fully embraces this essential aspect of digital art. Therefore, while his individual works may appear to be entirely separate entities at first glance, they are in fact interconnected as a set of works.


Eisuke Ikeda