Edurne is a digital artist from Spain. She studied photography in Barcelona and she was working as a luxury real estate photographer. During the lockdown in 2020, she started creating digital art, and discovered her biggest passion.

She loves to create magical colorful art, inspired by nature and the Cosmos. She uses Photoshop & After Effects to make her pieces. 

During her journey as digital artist she has participated at these IRL exhibitions:

- NFT Liverpool chosen by Paris Hilton

- ETH Barcelona, the 1st ETH conference in Spain, at "The Ecstasy of Color" exhibition

- Kuwait's 1st IRL NFT exhibition, WAGMI Biennale

- FIFA World Cup Qatar NFT collection, at Ithra museum in Saudi Arabia

- 888 Inner Circle X Mrs Toolip Barcelona IRL

She has been featured in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud Instagram account, she has participated in a charity project, "The Choose Love Collection", alongside incredible artists as Ykha Amelz, Marubu, Sabet, Mondoir, and also in several NFT online exhibitions.


Edurne Andoño

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