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Eduard Krasilnikov is a Russian information technology professional who explores the limitless potential of real-time generative and interactive art by creating digital art to generate complex and scalable multimedia content. During his forties, he decided to take advantage of the only thing this period had to offer us: free time. He immersed himself in creative coding and applied himself to a whole range of software. He often uses Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Processing and Blender in his work. But TouchDesigner remains unquestionably the flagship software of his work, since it allows him to generate works whose particularity is the ability to react and evolve according to audio signals.

His has many sources of inspiration that have evolved over time. He was first influenced by the work of creative coder Vincent Houze, who undertook many design and digital leadership projects. Then, more recently, he also discovered many brilliant artists through Instagram and YouTube. Each day a little more passionate about the richness of digital art, Eduard quickly made this new passion, once a hobby, his new profession.


Eduard Krasilnikov

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