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Dorit an Israeli visual and digital artist. She is a pioneer in the association of contemporary abstract art and techno-digital art. She creates architectural spaces designed to achieve harmony and perfection in the convergence of Impressionist digital art, fractals, photography, animation, energy and space. "Ideas spring from me in the form of images and associations, reflecting my inner world, interwoven with imagination, energy, colours and emotions. Looping endlessly, suspended in time, the work begins as an abstract idea. Combinations of contrasting colours and play of light and shadow create mysteries that lead the viewer into an emotional experience. My work combines digital illustration, photography and colour painting in a complex and elaborate technique, and thanks to the correct use of colours, shapes and shades, it underlines the ambience, dimensions and usefulness of spaces".

Dorit’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Israel and abroad in Italy Milan and the United States. Everywhere, the artist takes the viewer on a surprising journey that reinforces the impact and impressionist depth of public and commercial environments, as well as prestigious residential spaces.


Dorit Paretsky

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