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Domenico Barra is an Italian-based digital artist who codes and hacks computer malfunctions to transform glitches and pixels into art. His artistic aesthetic is therefore in the field of machine failures. His main source of inspiration is the world of street art and graffiti culture, but surrealism, dadaism and experimental cinema also inspire him in his work. He began working on glitch art by studying the works of Stan Brakhage, Rosa Menkman, Nick Briz, from across the NetArt scene and as a theorist, Jon Cates and the culture of new media and piracy.

Domenico studied at the Leeds College of Art and Design in England, but considers himself a self-taught artist who learns through his own practices and experiences, in which he rarely follows traditional patterns of creation and manufacture. He teaches glitch art and corrupt new media at the University of Fine Arts in Rome, and gives lectures and presentations on glitch art and related topics in academies, schools and festivals.


Domenico Barra