David Glück is an Austrian audiovisual artist, interdisciplinary designer and musician based in London. After graduating from a Master of Arts in Digital Direction from the Royal College of Art, he developed his practice by integrating immersive media, moving images and experimental and interactive sound. David’s work voluntarily leverages a wide range of disciplines to offer different ways of telling stories and conveying a wider variety of content. David aspires to produce creative stories and engage audiences in new thinking.

He was able to present his work at the IRCAM Centre Pompidou in Paris, where he gave an overview of how sound could be experienced through the use of motion. David has developed his own technique for creating video collage while drawing inspiration from his daily life and changing environments. His audiovisual collages are presented in a continuous movement and transformation and are made up of elements that are superimposed while forming a harmonious whole. By composing, improvising and merging these elements, he challenges the observer by communicating new perspectives. His spontaneous compositions entertain while creating a sense of tension among the audience.


David Glück

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