Dasha & Mari are award-winning photographers, twin sisters from Kiev, Ukraine. They specialise in fashion, nude art and psychological portraits. With their extensive experience in the fashion industry in London, Milan, Paris and Berlin, they work with leading magazines, fashion designers and art galleries. In 2018, they obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Kingston in London and their professional career now spans more than twelve years.

Their main sources of inspiration are cinematography, fashion, design and scents of nature. It is not surprising that their photographic work reminds us of the world of cinema in the way that it is always original and tells each time a new story. Many of their works belong in private collections by art lovers and collectors, and their works have already been exhibited in the Netherlands, England, Italy, France and Russia. As far as their technique is concerned, they use analog and digital cameras, such as Hasselblad and Nikon. Their work then consists mainly of film scanning, colour correction and light adjustments.


Dasha & Mari

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