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Cristina Angeloro is a digital artist, interaction designer and singer based in Milan, Italy. Her artistic research revolves essentially around two themes: audiovisual synesthesia and the application of new technologies as an extension of the artist and human. More specifically, she seeks to better understand the nature of the relationship between human and computers. Therefore, she focuses on the study and use of block programming environments such as Touchdesigner, Max MSP or vvvv and 3D software such as Cinema 4D. She is always curious to learn how to handle new tools and languages that could be consistent with the particularities of each medium.

After a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in new media art at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and a master’s degree in sound art at the ARD&NT of Milan, she currently collaborates with the artistic collective Kokoschka Revival and does an internship at Studio Azzurro. She also organises workshops on Touchdesigner software with Andrew Quinn and gives Cinema4D editing classes at the Mohole School in Milan. She is influenced by pop culture, cyberpunk aesthetics and the movement of steam waves.


Cristina Angeloro