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Carlo Vega is a highly skilled motion designer and artist with a proven track record of delivering innovative and visually appealing designs for major tech companies. With a strong background in 2D and 3D animation, Carlo has been able to produce stunning graphics and animations that have helped to bring technology to life. He has a passion for creativity and a talent for understanding complex technical concepts. His participation in Art Basel Miami and Salone Di Mobile showcases his versatility as a designer and artist and his ability to produce work that is both technically impressive and emotionally impactful.

Born in Lima, Peru, Carlo grew up during a time of domestic terrorism and political turmoil. It was during this time that the cognitive foundations of what would become his artistic explorations were set. From his mathematician grandfather, he learned of geometry and the perfection in logic, and from his Catholic surroundings, he absorbed the potent iconography and sense of spiritual mystery. In approaching his art as a studied collection of thoughts and experiences, Carlo pieces together his various realities. Through his work, the artist embarks on a path of self-exploration that reconnects him to lost moments, lost people and lost places. In this process of active reflection, Carlo's work oscillates between what has been and will be. By combining simple, often geometric shapes with nebulous backgrounds and exploring abstract concepts through various mediums, he explores a tension between the logical and the inexplicable.


Carlo Vega