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Brian Carlson is an American artist specialised in new technologies, who has relied on his profession as a technological developer to train himself in a self-taught way to the full creative and artistic dimension that these same technologies on which he has always been accustomed allow. He has gained a lot of experience working with other talented artists, who have taught him a lot and continue to help him progress in his art.

When it comes to Brian’s work, software development and programming are at the heart of his creative process. It uses programming to extend and maximise the performance of existing tools and frameworks. Sometimes this can involve a lot of research and development time, which also helps to stimulate the creative process. His main inspiration comes from the digital age, modern technology, nature and the many artists who influenced him. Brian has previously exhibited at San Francisco’s OneDome, New York’s ZeroSpace and Mexico City’s Abierto Mexicano de Diseño.


Brian Carlson