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Brandon Lester is an American artist based in Los Angeles. He studied computer graphics from 2005 to 2009 at California State University. Before embarking on freelance work as a Houdini artist, Brandon was able to work as an infographic supervisor in the film and marketing sector. On this occasion, he was able to prove his skills by producing special effects for advertisements for large brands (5 Gum, Under Armour, Colgate) but also for certain films (Pacific Rim, Mockingbird Lane or Katy Perry’s California Girl).

Brandon primarily practices VFX on Houdini software, but also uses Cinema 4D, Nuke and After Effects software to create his digital works. In particular, he developed his skills by specialising in certain aspects such as brightness, texture, modelling and sculpture. This practice leads him to 3D print the sculptures he creates from these software in order to materialise his work in the physical space.


Brandon Lester

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