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Bileam Tschepe studied Interaction Design in Berlin, specifically graphic design and UX and UI design. But the work he is doing now, he learned mostly from the web when he trained through online tutorials. He often tries to create works with an organic and natural aspect that are inspired by tree structures, earth, space, microscopic images... His work process consists of a form of exploration, of adventure, because he usually has no idea what the final result will look like. At best, when he thinks about the next work he would like to work on, images come to his mind and he then tries to shape them with code. But these ideas and projects of works are often only the starting points of works that ultimately depart from the artist’s original idea as their realisation progresses.

Bileam does not have a specific technique, but rather tries many different ways to approach a problem or present a certain aesthetic, and there are basically no limits to his programming. Currently, he exclusively uses the TouchDesigner software to create his works, so all his art consists basically of code working in real time.


Bileam Tschepe