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Benoît Paillé is an atypical and monstrously curious self-taught photographer based in Montreal, Canada. His photographs constitute a kind of documentary journal of his life. Since 2013, he has decided to live in his van, transforming his daily life in order to be able to also transform his art. He is continually exposed to the unexpected, which makes every place conducive to creation. He is not looking for subjects or opportunities, because it is the present moment that gives shape to his images. He never takes pictures out of necessity or because something catches his eye but out of envy, when he feels good. His main source of inspiration is the heterogeneous sets of post-industrial society and the people he met at random.

According to Benoît, photography does not capture reality, but creates it. The flashes of green, blue and pink neon that he injects into the environment have the effect of a psychotropic, and form another surreal but just as real world as the one that surrounds us. By re-imagining his space both geographical and mental, his photos question the modern heritage of our societies: private property, omnipresence of borders, overconsumption of drugs and prescriptions, sickly advertising, cult of tourism, etc.


Benoît Paillé