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Benjamin Carrier is an interactive designer and generative artist from Montreal, Canada. He develops generative digital creations based on the idea of collaboration between human and machines. Through his passion for new means of interaction and immersive experiences, he aspires to understand to what extent, in the context of digital art, works must be considered as being created by humans or by machines. For if the machine is certainly the product of a man, the final work results in the calculations made by the machine.

In 2015, he left for Nantes to continue his studies and in 2019, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in interactive design and a master’s degree in design at the Nantes Atlantic School of Design, Benjamin co-founded Piko Studio, through which he aspires to emancipate himself from classical artistic codes and specialise in the creation of interactive installations and generative visuals. In parallel, he continues to develop generative creations that he publishes on Instagram. He also works on installation and mapping workshops at the Nantes Atlantique School of Design and produces a series of tutorials on Youtube and Skillshare. He has also worked with Lucion Média, Toboggan Design, Collective 404 and Conserto.


Benjamin Carrier