Johann Baron Lanteigne lives and works in Quebec City, Canada. However, the essence of his work comes from his infiltrations in many cyber-communities and virtual collaborations. This web-based practice is reflected internationally by participation in numerous digital art events: The Wrong Biennale, real-fake, Les Garages Numériques (BE), Mapping Festival (CH), Mirage Festival (FR), Vector Festival (CA), Dutch Design Week (NL), Sónar+D (ES), CUVO Video Art Festival (ES), Electrofringe (AU), CPH:DOX (DK) and the Ludwig Museum in Budapest (HU). Johann also specializes as a technology consultant with artists and artist-run centres.

Johann explores our relationship with technology and its infrastructure through modified screen installations that open up virtual worlds. Alienating at times, it has the potential to make us forget the physical world. He tries to recall the infrastructure of the digital medium with works that connect these two realities. This reappropriation of the screen does not claim to contribute to the technological advances of the consumer object. Rather, it serves to develop its symbolic image and create a bridge between the real and the virtual.


Johann Baron Lanteigne

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