Balkan Karışman is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1993 in Istanbul who works on three-dimensional scanning, augmented reality, as well as music clips and animation. He questions the relationship between the present and the future through the concepts of time and space. Indeed, he considers that the question of interaction never arises except in the present. According to him, the experience of a present that has never finished escaping us so much that life is never frozen, always in an ambivalent relationship with the past and the future, is led to repeat itself in a loop and forever, unless the space and time in which we are to evolve are not closed.

In 2017, he graduated from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design. Soon after, he began his studies of Interaction and Game Design at the Technical University of Istanbul. He then continued his research on the digital visualisation of real-time data processing. His research was originally translated as a live musical performance initiative, which explains why he was exhibited at Oroza Music & Arts Festival and Sonar Music & Technology Festival.


Balkan Karışman

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