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Arturo Rafael Enriquez is a Filipino photographer and graphic designer who creates according to his inspiration, hence his famous hashtag: #idontcareimjustinspired. His works reveal his mood of the moment, often influenced by his daily life, his thoughts, the music and the exchanges he may have with others. Through his work, he succeeds in perfectly illustrating his thoughts and associating the spectators with what he experiences, taking them in fact to the discovery of memories that they never had, or places in which they never went. Thus, he has an admirable ability to uproot the spectators, to transport them into space-time flaws and to provoke in them real emotions similar to those represented.

In addition to his mood, his works also reflect his carelessness, his freedom of mind and his dreamlike side. Each of his works is surprising of originality. Although he draws inspiration from his friends for his portraits and everyday moments for his landscapes, Arturo never fails to bring a creative and surprising touch to all his works. His strength is thus his ability to imagine the unusual element that will best reveal the beauty of the most random things.


Arturo Rafael Enriquez

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