Artur Gadzhiev is a multidisciplinary designer from Moscow. He mainly uses 3D to create powerful and visually striking works that always retain a delicate dimension of serenity. Artur offers a magnificent dance between the visual and the music, his main source of inspiration. Through his work, he studies the contrasting nature of objects and how they react to light. He is also intrigued by the idea that everything is made up of molecules and that the way they are assembled is what gives an object its shape.

Trained as an engineer, Artur Gadzhiev realised during his last year of studies that he was interested in 3D graphics. After graduating from the Moscow School of Computer Graphics, he worked for eight years as a VFX artist in a studio that makes graphics for major Russian and foreign films. For the past three years, he has decided to change direction and invest in artistic direction.


Artur Gadzhiev

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