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Ansh Kumar is a generative artist based in India who specialises in analog sculptures and augmented reality installations. Ansh has developed an architecture curriculum that allows him to combine his experience in space and media design to create interactive works of art. His research is oriented towards a canvas that acts as a catalyst to celebrate human traces and their implications. He creates canvases to interact and create. Fascinated by colour theory, motion design, cognitive psychology and research, he experiments through immersive installations combining sound, bio-sculptures and augmented reality.

Ansh has previously exhibited in various festivals and residencies abroad, including the India Art Fair, Miami Art Basel, New York (Ars Electronica), Paris (CADAF), Austria, Goa, Delhi, Toronto and Tokyo. He has been an official augmented reality creator for Snapchat and Facebook and has worked for brands like 20th Century fox and Coca-Cola Canada. Ansh also launched, in collaboration with his brother, the "Tiny Farm Lab", a space where design, art, science, technology, natural construction, biomaterials and economics intersect. The theories of the human mind and its perceptions being at the center of his installations, his experiences of augmented reality and his digital exhibitions, this art form allows him to free himself from the social and physical limits in which the mind is trapped.


Ansh Kumar

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