Anne Spalter is a visual artist, educator, author, and collector. Her visionary art takes viewers on an abstract sci-fi voyage, employing media from digital video, AI, and crypto art, to drawing, painting, weaving, and giant inflatables. Spalter’s distinctive dystopian vision of the modern landscape is inspired by travel, sci-fi novels, movies, and the writings of Carl Jung. In her immersive installations, viewers wander through apocalyptic streetscapes with towering waves, crashed spaceships, and raging fires, all depicted with acid hues and vibrating patterns. Spalter has created, curated, and collected digital work for decades, founding the first digital fine arts courses at Brown University and RISD in the 1990s, and authoring the internationally taught textbook, The Computer in the Visual Arts. With Michael Spalter, she stewards Spalter Digital, one of the largest private collections of early computer art work.

She recently completed an alumni residency at MAss MoCA, was featured as one of the 50 most important crypto artists in Rizzoli’s CryptoArt Begins, and participated in the SPRING/BREAK Art show NYC, as well as the CADAF Art Fair (Nov 11-13). Her 557-piece NFT project RABBIT TAKEOVER sold out in five minutes this December, and she is currently working on her contribution to the Superrare RarePass Project. Also in December, the Buffalo AKG Museum acquired her surrealist-inspired 20-minute NFT video work, The Bell Machine. Spalter’s art is in numerous private collections and museums such as the Victoria and Albert, the AKG Buffalo Art Museum; the RISD Museum, and The Museum of CryptoArt. Her NFTs have been auctioned by Sotheby’s and Phillips, and featured in the New York Times. She continues to lecture on digital art practice, theory, and the market.


Anne Spalter

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