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Anna Dart is a multidisciplinary artist and curator who focuses on promoting ecological, cultural, and social sustainability through the intersection of new technology. With over eleven years of painting experience, her art is known for its minimalist and humanistic style, yet with a powerful magnetism and expressiveness that reflect on digital humanism.

Dart is a guest artist at Picasso Museum,, The Fabricant, and the Winner of the 1st Claire AI Contest (2022). Dart's work has been exhibited internationally in Art Basel Miami, Mecenate Fine Art Gallery, NFT Korea Festival, Seattle NFT Museum, IHAM Gallery etc. As a co-founder at Exquisite Workers, Anna has taken the role of the curator at the first NFT exhibition for climate at COP26 at the UN (2021) and the largest AI art exhibition “AI Surrealism” with 100 artists at Superchief Gallery NFT (2023).

“Art with frames, life without them”.


Anna Dart