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Andrew Charles Edman is a multimedia artist and filmmaker whose work questions the blurred lines of art in the digital age. Synesthete specialised in the combination of music and generative art, everything happens as if in his works he created sound visually. He is inspired by the infinite possibilities of combinations of musical notes, sonorities, timbre and acoustic spaces. Through his works, he aspires to provoke feelings of wonder, nostalgia and liberation from traumatic pain.

As a clinical psychologist and engineer in his training studio, Andrew also sculpts the future as he imagines and anticipates it. His work has been featured at US festivals Movement and Mutek San Francisco, and used for Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign and Audi marketing content. The success of the general public is not a primary motivation in his work, however, as evidenced by the clips he made for the underground heroes Ectomorph, Uun, Otodojo, Rebuke, Rico Casazza and more. He is also the creator of Imbue Detroit, a concert series that combines several scenes from Ambient-Techno and generative visual art, an innovative concept in the United States.


Andrew Charles Edman