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Andreas Nicolas Fischer, born in 1982 in Munich, is a Berlin-based artist who is interested in the physical manifestation of digital data through generating systems. He graduated from the class of Professor Joachim Sauter, himself a recognized digital artist and designer, at the University of Arts in Berlin. His work has been presented in museums, galleries and festivals in Europe, Asia and the United States. Examples include "Stadt am Rande" at the Today Art Museum in Beijing, "Locate Me" at the Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin, "Seeing/ Knowing" at the Graham Gund Gallery in Gambier, Ohio, as well as his solo exhibition "NOISE" at the Dixit Algorizmi Gallery Berlin. Andreas also created a generative software performance with the Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra as part of a joint project with the SECCA (South-Eastern Center for Contemporary Art) in North Carolina.

His inspiration is very broad, but the central question of his work remains the impact that artificial intelligence and digitisation have on society. In his work, he seeks to understand how to draw the line between the artist and the work when the creation is based on semi-autonomous software.


Andreas Fischer