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Amir Mokhber is an Iranian multimedia artist based in Tehran. In 2006, he obtained his diploma in computer animation at the MFT, a school specialised in technology. He followed until 2011 specialised training in living figurative drawing, graphics and colours. Combining the abstract and the non-abstract, the duality and suspension of dream and illusion, and using symbols, Amir Mokhber is obsessed with creating his atmospheric-centred works. Depending on the subject, he tends to use different techniques, such as painting, drawing or interactive animation.

Amir has had two solo exhibitions, notably in 2013 at Etemad Gallery and in 2018 at O Gallery. From 2013 to 2018, he participated in various group exhibitions, notably in Japan, Austria, the United States and Germany. His artistic work focuses on generative art.


Amir Mokhber