Alyssa Nider is an artist based in Edmonton in northern Canada who tries to amplify the connection between virtual space and meaning. She uses creative coding to generate moving interactive visuals for a variety of media. Her works are based on the multiplication of motifs, textures and colours that evoke a deep emotion. She uses the gradation of colours and movement to bring a dynamic interaction in her pieces. Her main sources of inspiration are the geometry inherent to nature and harmony between people, sound and image. She is attracted by the vibrant psychedelic colours that recall the 1960s and 1970s.

Alyssa has a degree in Arts and Digital Media, but in terms of her training in generative visuals, she is a self-taught artist who has trained through online tutorials and practices. She started by using overhead projectors with acetate, liquid and other materials. She has since refined her art through software such as Modul8, VDMX, MadMapper, Lumen and TouchDesigner and has already had the chance to play with international electronic artists.


Alyssa Nider

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