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Riccardo "Akasha" Franco-Loiri is a young visual artist and motion designer based in Turin, Italy. His research focuses on digital abstraction, glitch and post-internet art. After a Bachelor’s Degree in audiovisual production at the APM School in Saluzzo (Haute Spécialisation A/V School) and a Master in CGI, motion graphics & design at iMasterArt in Turin, between 2015 and 2016, he continued his training in his chosen fields. He likes to work with software in real time and recreate on computer analog and tactile sensations. Since 2015, it offers live shows, videomapping shows, visual installations and real-time performances with mixed media in festivals, clubs, galleries. For example, he participates in the SSA Salvador Festival in Bahia, Brazil, or at the Cosmolights Festival in Kavala, Greece in 2021, Constellations de Metz in France or the Design Week in Milan, and is exhibited in New York. Together with Tommaso Rinaldi, he founded High Files Collective, a videomapping and multimedia design studio.

His sources of inspiration are nature and the arts in all their forms. He works on the themes of transcendence, meditation or even science. He perceives reality as a kaleidoscope of intersecting temporal and spatial lines: when our perception can capture an intersection, an epiphany comes to mind, ready to guide us towards the artistic process.