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Aitana Basquiat is 3D artist based in Madrid, Spain. After graduating in Art History and carrying out her first audiovisual projects, she found that 3D art is the perfect medium to combine various artistic disciplines. Aitana's work combines illustration and animation, and is strongly inspired by women, but she is also influenced by fashion and different artistic disciplines such as painting, photography, architecture and cinema. Her works are often introspective and explore the internal states of her characters, inviting the viewer to reflect, though sometimes her pieces are more relaxing, looking for a balance with nature.

Aitana's work has been included in several international exhibitions and events such as The Garden of Virtual Utopias - Art Night (London, 2017), Light Year 45: Post vision (Manhattan Bridge, New York, 2019), Digital Art Exhibition Braw Haus x Ep7 (Paris, 2021) or Surface Tension -The NFT Gallery (London, 2022) among others.


Aitana Basquiat