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What does it mean to be a part of our community?

Here at ARTPOINT, creating a loyal and passionate collectorship of digital art is extremely important to us. We want to create a community of digital art lovers that are passionate about this unique artistic medium, and want to build with us to see digital art thrive in both the traditional art world and in the web3 space.

Collectors of ARTPOINT benefit from various rewards and utilities. Our main and unique offering at ARTPOINT is creating exhibitions of digital art and NFTs in the real world, in public spaces such as hotels, companies, luxury retail centres, and more. Collectors are invited to the openings of the exhibitions ARTPOINT curates, have the opportunity to meet their favourite artists, and will receive visuals of their artworks exhibited in public spaces to share amongst their communities.

On top that, collectors can earn ARTPOINT coins, which can be used to vote on key decisions such as curatorial choices for the next ARTPOINT NFT drop, or can be exchanged for discounts on future artwork acquisitions.

Lastly, due to our robust network of clients in spaces such as hotels, we provide rewards such as spa days, access to co-working spaces, or free beverages and refreshments at hotel bars.