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Noël Apitta was born in Kampala, Uganda. He is largely self-taught as he has developed most of his skills thanks to his curiosity, collaboration and experimentation. His work is essentially about turning ideas into compelling stories. To do this, he creates a set of rules, a code that defines the constraints of a kind of virtual sandbox and is based on real-world data such as changes in time, sound frequencies... He then lets his computer «circulate» in this space in order to allow digital creation.

He primarily creates abstract audiovisual works using a visual real-time programming language called Touchdesigner, while incorporating other languages such as Python and GLSL. The raw materials he needs for his work are a mixture of pre-recorded videos, photographs, music, random data sets and a touch of imagination. He is also increasingly interested in interacting with real-world users through technologies such as infrared cameras and temperature and motion sensors. His main inspirations are music, nature and biology, fluid physics, the cyberpunk aesthetics of 80’s cinema, Japanese anime and science fiction.


Noel Apitta