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Nick Liefhebber is a Dutch artist based in Utrecht in the Netherlands who creates bold, fun and colorful illustrations. To realize his luminous, energetic and slightly psychedelic silkscreens that he creates on command, he finds his inspiration in various patterns and rhythms. He uses the associative powers of form and matter to communicate at an intuitive level. His favourite artists are Tadanori Yokoo, Ivan Bilibin and Charley Harper, but his work also includes influences from medieval artistic imagination and early 20th century illustration. Most of his work consists of a collage of paper shapes cut out, scanned and then combined with digital elements.

Nick studied graphic design at the University of Arts in Utrecht and has previously worked with major brands such as Apple, Desigual, Adobe, The Buery, Dr. Martens, The Guess WHO? , the Imagine Film Festival... who participated in making his illustrations appear on album covers, magazines, clothing and exhibitions. He works as a graphic designer on various types of projects, such as websites, campaigns, fonts and identities.


Nick Liefhebber