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Florian Gicquel (aka Hekatek) is a computer artist by training who became a digital artist almost by chance. Something clicked when one day, a friend who owned a stage decoration company in England, asked him for help in running a led system. He took a passion for this artistic work of light, and soon after, he was contacted by Cinemid Studio, who offered to be his computer scientist and take care of his digital works. He then discovered a whole new world that seemed inaccessible to him until then. He enjoyed it so much that after a year working in this studio, he decided to return to France to gain more artistic independence and to set up his own digital art studio. This period marked the birth of Hekatek.

Hekatek has a background in electrical and network computing and is self-taught in his artistic practice. He also gleans his inspiration by strolling on networks such as Instagram and Facebook and always enjoys discovering new works and new artists. He also remains in continuous information monitoring of all that is technology.


Florian Gicquel